Top 10 Bento Box Options Under $10 For Your Team's Lunch

Every new day dawns on a new reality - lunches 1m apart, meetings with our masks on and sadly, lowered lunch budgets. 


Sure, the days of free daily lunch buffets might be gone, but it doesn't mean that we need to compromise on quality even as meal budgets shrink.


To make your office lunch easy on the pocket, we've curated a list of 10 restaurant-grade bento box menus that are under $10!


  1. Spicy Turnip Minced Pork Bento
    Soup Restaurant

    $8.80 per bento

    Oh yes, it's impossible to spend just $10 if you dined in at Soup Restaurant. But for just $8.80, you can relish their spicy turnip minced pork bento in the comfort of your office!

    The spicy turnip minced pork is a rendition of their popular dish - steamed minced pork with water chestnut. The pork is painstakingly hand-chopped, not your typical factory-mince laden with fats masquerading as meat. This simple dish goes exceptionally well with a steaming bowl of rice, stir-fried long bean and hard boiled chili egg.

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    Soup Restaurant Hand-Chopped Meat Patty Bento

  2. Soya Sauce Chicken Bento
    A-One Claypot

    $8.80 per bento

    Premium quality ingredients, generous portions and a low, low price of $8.80 only? Yes, you can have your cake and eat it with A-One Claypot. Their bento boxes are packed chockfull of liao, even more generous than your favourite curry rice stall.

    A must-order from their menu - the signature soya sauce chicken. The tender slow-cooked chicken is served with omelette and two types of seasonal veggies. Satisfying!

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    A-One Claypot Affordable Bento Box Delivery Singapore

  3. Chicken with Green Chili Box
    Ayam Penyet President

    $7.90 per bento

    Ayam penyet is too predictable for your team? Try something different then. The Ayam Cabe Ijo - chicken with green chili is a great choice!

    Don't underestimate this green chili sambal. It might be green and seemingly mild, but it packs a diabolically spicy punch! Ayam Penyet President's signature fried chicken is served with green chili sambal,
    topped with fried anchovies for crunch and served with crispy tempe, tofu and fragrant white rice. 

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    Ayam Penyet President Bento Singapore

  4. Penang Char Kway Teow

    $9.90 per bento

    A good char kway teow should have a strong wok-hei fragrance and Papparich's Penang char kway teow has exactly that!

    Papparich uses a house-secret recipe with premium grade soy sauce to get a rich umami flavour. The noodle is coated with egg and has a generous portion of cockles and prawns. 

    You can get your CKT craving satisfied for just $9.90 without stepping out of your office!

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    Papparich Penang Char Kway Teow Bento Singapore

  5. Ikan Tempra Bento
    IVINS Peranakan

    $10 per bento

    Peranakan food can be quite expensive due to the tedious preparation of each seasoning sauce and gravy. At just $10 per box, IVINS's 4-dish Peranakan bento boxes are great value for money!

    The ikan tempra (crispy fish fillet) is bathed in a flavoursome dark sauce with cut chili. Besides nyonya chap chye and a sunny side-up egg, the bento box also includes ngoh hiang (yet another protein dish!) so you're getting more bang for your buck. 

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    IVINS Peranakan Bento Delivery
  6. Nasi Campur with Beef Rendang
    Tambuah Mas

    $8 per bento

    Tambuah Mas is Singapore's oldest Indonesian restaurant. We're glad to say that their recipes have also stood the test of time, with herbs and spices still being pounded by hand!

    With such laborious preparation, it's a steal to have their melt-in-your-mouth beef rendang bento for only $8! It's accompanied with the most coconuty and soft sayur lodeh, golden fried beancurd drizzled with spicy sweet sauce and fragrant white rice. 

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    Beef Rendang Nasi Campur Bento Delivery
  7. Chicken Rice Bento
    Wee Nam Kee

    $7 per bento

    You can't say that you've had the best chicken rice until you've had Wee Nam Kee!

    The poached chicken is succulent, with a thin layer of congealed fats nestled under the skin. The rice is redolent with the with the fragrance of garlic and shallot, and is fluffy without being greasy. 

    Have your chicken rice served with braised egg and poached vegetables for just $7.

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    Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice Bento Singapore

  8. Signature Beef Noodle
    Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles

    $8.70 per bento

    Have been wanting to treat your Muslim colleagues to a traditional Sichuan-style Chinese meal? You now can with Tongue Tip's halal-certified noodle bowl.

    Tongue Tip's beef noodle broth is simmered with over 15 spices for over 10 hours. Their noodles are also hand made with the perfect 'QQ' bite.

    Concerned that your noodles will arrive soggy? Not to worry, the noodles and soup are packed separately and will be delivered piping hot so you don't miss out on the dine-in experience. 

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    Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles Bento Singapore

  9. Butter Chicken Bento 
    Curry & Tandoor

    $8 per bento

    Butter chicken and briyani rice? Enough said.

    Curry & Tandoor's smooth and rich butter chicken is served with mixed vegetable jalfrezi, briyani rice, a pappadum for dipping pleasure, and a sweet ball of gulab jamun dessert. 

    Curry & Tandoors also serves International, Malay and Thai bento boxes if you're looking for non-Indian options to satisfy your colleagues. 

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    Curry and Tandoor Bento Delivery Singapore

  10. Spicy Chicken Don

    $7.50 per bento

    This is a great option if you're looking for something other than local or Malay food for your Muslim colleagues. OMOOMODON serves up halal-certified Korean and Japanese food, which is pretty much non-existent in Singapore! 

    For a taste of Korean BBQ which everyone missed during the circuit breaker, order the spicy chicken don. You get the classic spicy gochujang chicken on rice with a side salad for just $7.50. It's a lot less than a trip to the Korean BBQ restaurant, but definitely more satisfying than the food court style Korean food. 

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    OMOOMODON Spicy Chicken Don Bento Delivery


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