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How To Feed Your Team According To Your Company’s Personality

For the majority of us, food does more than just fill up the belly. Different types of cuisine can also
convey different vibes and bring about different feelings.

For example, sushi has always been considered fun and trendy, chicken rice is familiar and comforting, while tom yum soup is fiery and exotic. In the same way, the food you order for your team meals can communicate your company’s culture and personality. Choosing the right menus can help to reinforce your company's values.

Not sure where to start? Below, find various company personality types and the selection of dishes from Catersmith’s corporate catering restaurant partners that match them perfectly.



1. For young & fun-loving companies

Food that allows for interaction and participation will bring out the energy of a young, fun-loving company.

Maki-San’s mixed maki platters are a great option as they’re easy to share and pass around, while providing a mix of flavours so that every bite is a surprise.

If you want to literally shake things up, go for Dosirak’s bibimbap bentos.


All the ingredients for the bibimbap are layered in a colourful bento tub with the sauce served on the side. Each individual in your team gets to complete their own meal by pouring the sauce into the bento and giving it a shake so that everything is evenly mixed. We say it’s a fun way to inject a little pre-meal arm workout too!

2. For family-oriented companies

When we think ‘family’, we think familiar, comforting and homely. If this fits your company’s profile, go for food that warms the belly and the heart.

Try the heartwarming Nenek’s Kari Ayam (or Grandma’s curry chicken) from Tambuah Mas. The rich, spicy dish tastes like home and smells like grandma’s kitchen — your team is sure to go for seconds.

Or, try Loy Kee’s Chicken Rice. It’s not just a dish that everyone in Singapore knows and loves, it also brings about fond memories of families gathering around the dining table, sharing a whole roast chicken and fighting over who gets the two coveted chicken drumsticks.

3. For trendsetting, dynamic companies

If your company is all about disrupting industries and setting trends, the food you cater for team meals should reflect that forward-thinking, innovative spirit.

Pho is all the rage now, so why not get your team members to put together their own perfect bowl of hearty pho with Wrap & Roll’s Beef Pho DIY station?

You can also subvert tradition with Red House Seafood’s Spicy Seafood Combination. Think piquant chilli crab gravy, filled with juicy scallops, squid and fish instead of crab.

4. For green-loving companies

There are plenty of thoughtful, conscientious corporate catering options for companies that put the well-being of their employees and the world we live in at the forefront.

Try Lean Bento’s Honey Chicken Bento, filled with whole-cut chicken and gluten-free ingredients. The packaging is also biodegradable!

Or, get Nara Thai’s Green Curry with Thai Eggplant and Assorted Vegetables, made with 100% natural and real ingredients, with no processed food and meat.


5. For refined, polished companies

Team meals with a sophisticated touch are perfect for a hyper-professional company.

For a meal that will impress, order Four Season’s Famous London Roast Duck — thick, juicy slices of duck with crispy, almost lacquer-esque skin made with a famous straight-from- London recipe.


For a western option, go for the Spinach Ricotta Ravioli from Kucina Italian. These yummy and neat little parcels are easy to eat, won’t get all over your clothes and won’t get in the way of a networking session with fellow colleagues.


If you need more help putting together a team catering meal that aligns with your company’s personality, the Catersmith team is ever-ready to guide you further — contact us now!