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Building corporate cultures on the buffet line


Work at Catersmith is lots of sweat and heavy lifting. But helping some of Singapore’s coolest companies build their corporate culture through food is a legitimate source of pride for Catersmith.


"Let's have a meeting in the Snorlax room" - a statement you only hear in Carousell.


One of the companies we’ve been really privileged to feed, is Carousell. Before planning for their catered lunches, we had the chance to meet their international team of more than 16 different nationalities, and to see their very homely office. With meeting rooms named after the first items sold on Carousell (Kindle & iPad), and community stories (Snorlax & Uncle Postman), we knew we had to match up with their quirky company culture.


Photo credits: The Sixth Sense
Our Catersmiths putting up the colourful Maki-San boxes on display at the Maki live-station


One of our favourite meals that we catered to Carousell was the ‘Customise a Maki’ live station with fantastic food from Maki-San Catering. The Carousell team got to put together their very own Japanese maki by customizing the flavours in their personal roll. Served up in Maki-San’s ridiculously cute Japanese print boxes, we gave everyone their fix of great fun too. Above all, the Catersmith team got to meet every single person in Carousell!

Besides the great people at Carousell, we’ve also had the opportunity to work with the amazing team at Google Singapore.

While providing daily dinners to a group of Googlers working hard on a project, we were lucky to get a quick tour of the office. It helped us understand Google’s food philosophy and also the profile of their team members. With that in mind, we planned for protein and fiber-rich dishes to power the project team through long evenings. To keep every night’s dinner exciting, we catered food of a different cuisine every night – Thai, Italian, Cantonese, Indian, Vietnamese, you name it!


Photo Credits: The Sixth Sense
Korean food from Seoul Yummy Catering served in AirBnB's gorgeous pantry and dining area.


We are also very thankful to play food hosts to what is  arguably the world’s greatest host – Airbnb. Working with their young and vivacious team, we soon realized that these were people who were game for anything!

We had a particularly memorable time setting up Airbnb’s K-lunch in their gorgeous pantry. While fighting off massive office envy, our team set up pots of bubbling Army Stew from Seoul Yummy Catering. We knew that the close-knit team would appreciate the experience of Korean communal eating, while embracing the exotic flavours of Korean cuisine.

But catering for corporations isn’t all fun and games. There’s an art and science to feeding brilliant minds, too.

To serve up the best meals possible, our food is 100% prepared by restaurants only. With chefs who focus on whipping up a single cuisine, there’s no traditional caterer who can beat these restaurants on taste or quality of ingredients!

To ensure that the restaurant’s food reaches our customers in tip-top condition, they are transported securely and hygienically in sealed Thermofuture boxes.


Photo Credits: The Sixth Sense
Food for the Googlers is protected and kept warm in these special Thermofuture boxes.


Thermo whaa? We knew you’d ask. These boxes are made of a special material that resembles Styrofoam, but is way more effective than that. It’s specially designed to transport temperature-sensitive food, whether piping hot or chilled. That means, ice cream gets to you firm, and that baked lasagna gets to you burning hot.


While it’s fun to check out some of Singapore’s coolest offices, nothing makes us happier than simply providing good food that gets to people on time. So if you’re looking to feed your team in the office, don’t hesitate to contact one of our catering experts. If you’ve got a stunning office for us to gawk at, all the better