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The best food to cater for a children’s party

If you’re a parent, chances are that the thought of having 30 children in one room might bring you shudders. But trust us: Catering for a children’s party can be child’s play.

You can’t control all the little ones, but you can certainly keep them happy and entertained, by way of their tummies. Here are a few tips on how to rock that children’s party.


1. Let kids play with their food.

Hear us out, Dads and Mums, with the right dishes, mealtime can be playtime. Knowing how much kids love anything that’s self-assembled, colourful or on a stick, here are a few fun ideas:

Choose dishes with plenty of colours. How about Korean Bibimbap (multi-coloured veggie strips on Korean chewy rice), Thai Pineapple Fried Rice (bright yellow rice with deep purple raisins, and brown cashews and chicken floss), or Vietnamese Rice Vermicelli with Assorted Condiments (multi-coloured veggies on vermicelli)?


Nara Thai Catering's Thai Herbs Blue Fried Rice and Pineapple Rice
Bright, vibrant colours in the food make meal-time 2x more fun! (Photo credits:  Nara Thai Catering)


Go with a DIY station that doesn’t involve hot items. We’re thinking Kueh Pie Tee, or I-thim Nara – a Thai coconut ice-cream dessert station with assorted condiments – both available on Catersmith’s menus.

• Food on sticks are always fun to “wield”. There’s Moo Ping (Thai pork skewers that look like yakitori, but tastes like bak kwa) and Vietnamese Grilled Chicken with Lime Leaves (tender, sweet and savoury boneless chunks of juicy chicken, with the fragrance of kaffir lime).


Nara Thai Catering's BBQ Pork Skewers
Yum! Thai-style BBQ pork skewers to introduce to the kiddos.


2. Choose dishes where 'yummy' and 'healthy' go hand-in-hand.

We’re not a fan of kids’ party platters filled with deep-fried processed food. While they might be “tasty”, these fish balls, spring rolls and chicken nuggets are low on protein and high on salt, fat and nasty preservatives.

If your kids won’t forgo their deep-fried food, we suggest dishes like our Vietnamese samosas – handmade from scratch with high-fibre super foods. Alternatively, there are more indulgent dishes with hidden veggies, such as the Asian Beef Stew.

Most catered desserts are made from preserved canned fruit and syrups. Give them a miss and opt for homemade fruit desserts like Thai Mango Sticky Rice or Vietnamese Coconut Jelly. Made from scratch with real mango and young coconut flesh, these healthier options are preservative-free, and absolutely kid-friendly!


Wrap & Roll Catering's Coconut Jelly
Vietnamese coconut jelly - a refreshing and healthier dessert alternative. (Photo credits: Wrap & Roll Catering)


3. Hide 'em veggies!

From our experience, it isn’t fun to wrestle with your child over a plate of veggies during his birthday party. If you can’t beat em’, hide em’!

Vietnamese fresh spring rolls, attract kids with their vibrant colours, while hiding their veggies in the inside. Thai pomelo salad is a tangy delight that doesn’t come across as a plateful of fruits. Edamame beans, green as they are, seem to be as popular as jelly beans to kids.


Wrap & Roll Catering's Fresh Spring Rolls with Pork and Prawn
Vegetables ain't as scary when they are all wrapped up. (Photo credits:  Wrap & Roll Catering)


4. Serve up dishes that are childproof. 

Cater for food that’s safe for kids, and make your job as parent and host easier.

With no bones or shell, Japanese Soft Shell Crab Tempura is perfect for junior guests. The chefs at Four Seasons have also painstakingly deboned their famous roast duck, so that your kids don’t have to. And then there’s Maki San, whose Smokin’ Salmon Says Maki is a safe and fun way to get the kids to take some fish.


Sushi Animation
Maki-San Catering's sushi is perfect for those little fingers! (Animation via GIPHY)



Ta-dah! You’re all set to throw a not-so-little party for the little bubs. Now to get the ball rolling, contact one of our catering experts to help you with your kids party now. The kids will love you for it.