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About Catersmith

  1. What is Catersmith?
    Catersmith is an online caterer that brings you quality food directly from your favourite restaurants. Your catered food is cooked by chefs from our popular restaurant partners, then reliably delivered and beautifully set-up by Catersmith.

  2. Are the catering prices the same if I order from Catersmith vs directly from the restaurant partners?
    The prices are the same.

    Catersmith is also the exclusive catering sales representative for our restaurant partners. Hence you can contact us directly for any catering sales queries.

  3. Can I order directly from your restaurant partners?
    Catersmith is the exclusive catering sales representative for our restaurant partners and their catering menus are exclusive to Catersmith. You may be redirected to us if you contact the restaurant partner directly.

  4. Why does Catersmith only cater food from Restaurants?
    We believe that a restaurant can produce better quality food than a catering central kitchen can. This is because a restaurant’s chef has had many more hours of practice in one particular cuisine, and has become an expert in cooking that type of food. In contrast, central kitchens tend to churn out mediocre ‘international buffets’, with many dishes containing cheap processed ingredients.
  1. If I have issues with my order, who should I talk to?
    You can talk to us at Catersmith! We will be happy to help you with your queries or problems. Call 6266 2696 or email

  2. Can I suggest for my favourite restaurant to be on Catersmith?
    Sure, just drop us an email and let us know which restaurant it is. We’d be glad to get in touch with them if they serve up fantastic food. Call 6266 2696 or email

  3. Can I combine orders from different restaurants?
    Yes, you can. You will have to do so in separate orders, where the delivery fees of each order will apply. It’s best to call us if you need help with this. Call 6266 2696 or email


Types of catering

  1. What is a drop-off buffet?
    A drop-off buffet is a type of menu where the catered food is served in disposable trays. Disposable cutlery, tongs and serving spoons are also provided. Tables and warmers are not provided.

    If you have a smaller budget, small family gathering or if you do not require any tables or warmers, we would recommend ordering a drop-off buffet menu.

  2. What is a full set-up buffet?
    A full set-up buffet is a type of menu where the catered food is served in warmers and placed on tables with skirting. The table will be set-up with beautiful display equipment. Disposable cutlery, tongs and serving spoons are also provided.

    If you require a beautiful display, and a more presentable set-up for your event, we recommend ordering a full set-up buffet. This option is also great if you do not want your food to get cold.

  3. Does Catersmith have halal options?
    Yes, we have halal menus from our halal-certified restaurant partners. You can view all our halal-certified menus here.


About the food

  1. What are the food portions like?
    Food is prepared for your exact number of guests with a 10% buffer.

    For finger food or appetisers that are countable, eg, satay or pandan chicken, we usually provide 2 pieces.

  2. Are menus customisable? Can I add-on more food or drink courses?
    Yes, all menus are customisable. Please contact us by phone or email if you would like to do so.

  3. I have guests with dietary requirements. Can you cater to them?
    Yes, we are able to adjust dishes to cater to for those who are dairy-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, vegetarians (Chinese / Indian) or have peanut or seafood allergies. Indicate your requirements in the special notes box, or give us a call.


What’s provided in an order

  1. Are disposable cutleries and napkins provided?
    Yes, we provide biodegradable cornware disposables for all orders with a 10% buffer. If you would like more disposables, they are available at $0.50 per set, including a dining plate, fork, spoon, bowl, Chinese soup spoon and napkin.

  2. Are takeaway boxes provided?
    No, takeaway boxes are not provided. Any food that is leftover at collection time will be removed in accordance with NEA’s food consumption guidelines.

  3. Are tables and skirting provided?
    Yes, tables with skirting for the buffet line are provided for all full set-up buffet, high tea, seminar and wedding banquets. The only exceptions are drop-off buffets and bento box orders.

  4. Are tables and chairs provided?
    No, tables and chairs for your guests to dine at are not provided. However, we are able to rent these items to you for an additional cost. Call us for the rates.

  5. What colour is the table skirting?
    Catersmith has gold, maroonand navy blue table skirtings.
    If you have a specific requirement, please contact us, or leave a special note in your order.

  6. Are decorations provided?
    Yes, basic real feel floral decorations are provided for the buffet line only. If you would like to have decoration for the venue, or to upgrade to fresh florals, please contact us for a quote.

  7. Do you provide themed decorations?
    Yes, we provide themed decorations. We have theme décor packages and also customized options. Please contact us for a quote!


Services provided

  1. Do you remove trash from the venue?
    Trash in bags that were provided by Catersmith will be removed from the venue. If you would like Catersmith to do clearance of trash from the rest of the venue, you can do so for $30.

  2. Are service staff provided?
    Service staff are not provided. If you would like to have service staff at your event, you can hire them for $30 per staff per hour, with a minimum of 2 hours per hire.

    The duties of the service staff include:

    - Clearing of soiled dishes
    - General clearing of litter
    - Serving of drinks or canapés
    - Maintenance of the buffet line

    The service staff will not be able to do the following:

    - Sweeping and mopping of the floor
    - Washing of soiled dishes

  3. Do you survey my venue prior to the event date?
    Site-visits of the venue are generally not required unless your order is very large, or you have additional logistics requirements. Our customer service team will contact you if a site-visit is required.



  1. How much is the delivery fee?
    It is $50 for full set-up buffets and $30 for drop-off buffets.

    There are additional delivery charges when more than 2 deliveries are required (eg: seminar catering).

    There is also an additional delivery surcharge of $10 for offshore deliveries and addresses with postcodes commencing with: 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 23. These include Sentosa and Jurong Island deliveries.

  2. When do you waive delivery fees?
    We usually only waive delivery fees when we are running a special promotions. Be the first to know when there’s free delivery by signing up to our Catersmith guide to Catering Newsletter. <link to sign up>

  3. My venue has no lift landing. Is there an additional fee?
    Yes, there is an additional fee. This is only applicable to full set-up buffets.

    The fee is $30 per flight of stairs, per 20 pax ordered or part thereof, for venues with no lift landing. It is highly recommended that you inform us when you order, so that we can arrive earlier for your set-up. If you are not sure if your venue fits this description, please call us!
  1. What happens if the delivery is too early or too late?
    Catersmith usually arrives on-site 10-15 minutes earlier in order to locate your venue. However, we will refund your delivery fee should the food arrive more than 1 hour early or more than 1 hour late.

  2. Is delivery available on public holidays?
    Yes, Catersmith operates every day of the year to bring you great catering anytime!

  3. What is your earliest delivery time?
    The earliest delivery time varies by restaurant partner. You will find the earliest delivery time of your selected menu in the dropdown menu shown in the screenshot below.

    Catering Time And Date Checker
  1. What is the latest collection time?
    Catersmith’s last collection time is at 10.30pm.

  2. What if I need the collection time to be after 10.30pm
    If you require collection after 10.30pm, please let us know when you order. If Catersmith is able to collect at your preferred timing after 10.30pm, the charges will be as follows:

    - $50 for every 30 minutes after 10.30pm
    - Additional $150 surcharge for collection after 11.30pm for after-hours staff transportation
  1. Can you come back to collect the equipment the next day instead?
    Yes, we are able to do so at a time that’s convenient for us the next day. The additional cost will be $50 for next day collection. Please let us know when you order if you’d like to opt for this.

  2. What happens if my event over runs and I’m unable to let Catersmith into the venue for collection?
    We are able to provide a grace period of 15 minutes from the stipulated time of collection if you need to wrap things up.

    However, if our team faces delays of more than 15 minutes from the stipulated collection time, there will be a surcharge of $15 per 30 minutes.
  1. Do you still deliver during bad weather?
    Yes, if it is just heavy rain. However, if there are potentially hazardous conditions, like the rare occasion of flooding (or even hail!), do be prepared to face some delays.

  2. It’s past my delivery time. I’d like to know where the delivery truck is now. Who do I call?
    You can call our office line at +65 6266 2696. We will be able to help find out what the estimated time of arrival is.


  1. How do I order?
    You may order online, via email, or over the phone, whichever is more convenient!

  2. How long does it take to process my order?
    Orders typically take 2 – 3 days to process. You can track the status of your order online, or you can contact us.

  3. Why does it take 2 – 3 days to process my order?
    We will need to liaise with the restaurant you have chosen to find out if they are available.

  4. Why is my order status “Pending Restaurant”?
    After your order is placed, the Restaurant Partner that is in charge of your menu will receive a notification. They will need to check their schedules and ensure that they are available to accept your order first. During this time, your order status will show as “Pending Restaurant”.

    Once the Restaurant Partner has accepted your order, your status will automatically be changed to “Confirmed”.

  5. Is there a chance that my order will not be accepted?
    Yes, there is a small chance that your order will not be accepted if the restaurant or Catersmith is fully booked. However, this usually only occurs during peak festive periods. Otherwise, orders are accepted about 98% of the time.

  6. How many days in advance must I place my order?
    We would encourage you to place your order at least 5 working days in advance to avoid disappointment. The earlier you order, the higher the chances of the restaurant’s availability.

    Do also note that any orders that are received less than 3 days from the event date is subject to a $15 administrative fee.
  1. Can I make changes after ordering?
    Yes, you can make changes up to 5 working days in advance. Catersmith and our partner restaurants will require 2 – 3 days to determine if the changes requested are available.

    Do also note that any changes that are made 4 days or less from the event date is subject to a $15 administrative fee.

  2. What if I need to cancel my order?
    If you decide to cancel your order, please do so in writing at least 5 working days in advance. There will not be any cancellation charges if your notification is acknowledged within the grace period.

  3. What if I cancel my order last minute?
    If your order is cancelled less than 5 working days in advance:
    1. 4 working days or less from event date – compensation of 30% of total order
    2. 1 working day or less from event date – compensation of 100% of total order


  1. How do I make payment?
    A 30% deposit is required to confirm your order. This can be made via:
    1. credit card
    2. mailed cheque (2 weeks in advance)
    3. internet banking (2 weeks in advance).

You may also choose to make a full upfront payment via any of the 3 methods.

If you are offering on behalf of your company, we may also be able to extend credit terms to your organization. Email us at today!

  1. How do I make balance payment?
    You can make balance payment by cash or cheque on the day of your event. One of our set-up team members will come to you to assist in settling the payment.

    Do note that if you’d like to settle the balance payment by credit card, there will be a $20 admin fee.
  2. What credit cards does Catersmith accept?
    We accept Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, UnionPay, Diners, Discover & Maestro.



  1. How do I order for my wedding?
    You can either browse our wedding menus online <link to wedding menus> and make your payment on the Catersmith website, or contact us if your order needs to be customized.

    Please email or call us at or 6266 2696. Our catering experts are at hand to help you choose a menu for your big day!
  2. What is the wedding set-up like?
    Our standard wedding set-up includes gold skirting, gold frames with wedding quotes, gold glass lanterns with powder pink real-feel florals, and gold floral arrangments.

    If you’d like to customize the décor to your wedding theme, please email or call us at or 6266 2696!
  3. Can Catersmith hold my wedding date slot for me?
    We will hold the date and time you’ve selected once you’ve placed your 30% deposit via credit card, mailed cheque or bank transfer.

  4. What happens after I’ve placed my order?
    One of our catering experts will get in touch with you to:
    1. Arrange for a site-visit if your order is above 100 pax. This will help us understand the space constraints and to discuss where the buffet lines will be with you.
    2. Arrange for an optional food tasting at the Restaurant Partner’s outlet. This will be at 30% discount from the dine-in menu price, reserved only for the bride and groom. The food tasting must be done at least 14 days from your wedding date.

  5. Can I increase my guest count after making the order?
    Yes, you can do so up to 7 days before your wedding date.

  6. Can you do live stations at my wedding?
    Yes, Catersmith has a wide selection of live stations for your selection. Please email or call us at or 6266 2696 for a full list!

  7. Can I rent tables and chairs for my guests to dine at?
    Yes, we can arrange for banquet tables, cocktail tables, chairs and other furniture to be set-up at your venue at an additional rental fee. Please email or call us at or 6266 2696 for a quote!

  8. Can I upgrade my disposable cutlery?
    Yes, we have 2 options:
    1. Premium sugarcane disposables.
    2. Porcelain plates and metal cutlery.

Please email or call us at or 6266 2696 for a quote!