halal catering for Hari Raya 2018 hjh maimunah

The Top 5 Catering Menus For Hari Raya

Tired of cooking beef rendang and making kueh by hand for your guests over Hari Raya? Take a break this year and have the Hari Raya spread delivered and setup in your home. 


Here's Catersmith's top 5 catering menu picks for Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2018.


1. Hjh Maimunah Hari Raya Catering Menu A & Menu B

  • Price: $22.90 per pax
  • Min. order: 25 pax
  • No. of courses: 8 
  • Availability: 29 Jun - 28 Jul

Must try catering dishes:

  • Beef rendang
  • Sayur lemak lodeh
  • Sambal prawns - with Hjh Maimunah's signature home made sambal chili. Sedap!


Great for larger groups arriving over an extended period of time. These menus are full setup buffet catering menus with warmers, so the food will still be nice and toasty 2 hours into your open house.


halal catering for Hari Raya 2018 hjh maimunah




2. Penang Culture Nasi Ambeng with Lobster Platters

  • Price: $19.50 per pax
  • Min. order: 14 pax
  • No. of courses: 10 dishes per platter
  • Availability: 30 Apr - 15 Jun

Must try catering dishes:

  • Cheese baked lobster
  • Serundeng
  • French beans with tempe


Great for smaller groups. With a minimum of 14 pax only, you can order this mini buffet style catering menu if you've just got a handful of friends coming over for a cozy lunch or dinner. Dig in and eat out of a 2-person sharing platter together.


halal mini buffet catering for hari raya 2018



3. Coba Coba Halal Catering Menu E

  • Price: $22.50 per pax
  • Min. order: 30 pax
  • No. of courses: 11
  • Availability: always available

Must try catering dishes:

  • Soto ayam
  • Pari Asam Pedas - Assam stingray? Yes please!
  • Kuih Platter - Comes with Penang Lapis, Pulut Seri Kaya, Ubi Ulap and Pisang Ubi. Yum!


Great for guests with big appetites. It's a whopping 11 course meal! If you've got big eaters, this is the catering menu for you. What's more? It's just $22.50 per pax for 11 courses, great value if you ask us.


halal catering for hari raya 2018 coba coba



4. Kucina Italian Halal Mini Buffet B

  • Price: $25.50 per pax
  • Min. order: 15 pax
  • No. of courses: 7
  • Availability: always available

Must try catering dishes:

  • Caprese Salad - Cherry tomatoes, basil and mozzarella balls on a Skewer. Great fun for kids!
  • Beef Lasagne
  • Ravioli di Aragosta e GranchioHomemade Ravioli with Lobster and Crab Stuffing in a Prawn Bisque Sauce. 


Great for when you're tired of nasi padang. Sometimes a change of cuisine is all you need! 


halal italian catering for ramadan and hari raya



5. Lean Bento Hari Raya Specials

  • Price: $12.60 per bento
  • Min. order: $250 before delivery fee & GST
  • Availability: 15 May - 14 Jun

Must try bento dishes:

  • Satay Chicken Burger Bento - served with air-fried sweet potato tots, mesclun salad and homemade miso sauce
  • Laksa Soba Bento with Chicken - served with sautéed mushrooms and hand-cut corn kernels


Great for Hari Raya catering in office. A great catering option when you want a healthy, nutritious meal while indulging in the season's favourites!


halal bento catering for ramadan


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